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RICE work packages carry out research into a number of areas including carbon capture, hydrogen and algae

Separation and capture of CO₂ from industrial flue gas mixtures - WP1

Although zero emissions CO₂ is a desirable goal, there are many sources that are unavoidable, such as industrial processes that produce CO₂, not from heat or power generation, but as a side product...

Integrated Bio-refinery - WP2

Microalgae are a diverse group of microorganisms that grow rapidly due to their simplistic structure. Microalgae and their cousins macroalgae are the pollution control agents of the oceans

Integrated Hydrogen Bioprocesses - WP3

Many industrial processes currently deployed use significant quantities of either fossil fuel derived energy or use fossil fuel derived materials for their manufactured products...

Variable input hydrogen & oxygen production from renewable energy - WP4

To reduce industrial carbon emissions it is possible to better utilise renewable energy inputs to offset the use of traditional carbonaceous fuels...

Heat, Hydrogen and their efficient use- WP5

Concentrating on the interaction between heat and hydrogen and the role this can play in reducing industrial and other carbon emissions in Wales.

Heat to Hydrogen - WP6

To reduce industrial carbon emissions it is possible to better utilise renewable energy.  One form of increasingly important renewable energy is the waste heat from industrial processes...

Systems & Techno-Economic Analysis – WP7

This work package is assessing, comparing and identifying the impact and implication of the research packages in terms of the technical-social and economic impact of the innovations.

Engagement and Impact - WP8

The Engagement and Impact work package (WP8) overarches all the work packages and its aim is to ensure the scientific and research advances being made are effectively exploited for the benefit of all.

Capturing digital stories of energy change - WP9

The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling is capturing and disseminating digital stories as the project unfolds to increase awareness and provoke interest in wider adoption and implementation of the solutions developed.

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