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Engagement and Impact - WP8

The Engagement and Impact work package (WP8) overarches all the work packages and its aim is to ensure the scientific and research advances being made are effectively exploited for the benefit of all.

One area is the development of the demonstration sites with our industry partners. These are being established on industrial sites operated by our project partners. The demonstration sites enable us to scale up the technologies which have already been developed and allow them to be tested in scaled up, live industrial operations.

A further important element of the work package is impact and engagement activities which will aim to maximise the impact of the RICE project and the opportunities for knowledge sharing with Welsh enterprises in the first instance, and to develop transnational opportunities.

These endeavours will include engaging with industry, regulatory bodies, research organisations and local authorities to advance and progress the implementation of our research. The team will also continue to develop research grant bids which will enable the project to fully maximise the opportunities which become available.

The team is also ensuring that it maintains an awareness of technological and policy developments which may have an impact on RICE.  This involves working with Ministers, government departments and a host of other industry and research organisations.

Raising and maintain awareness is very important. With increased engagement in the fight against climate change it’s vital we communicate the research, developments and collaborations which are taking place. This is being done through traditional and online methods and we’re making maximum use of the storytelling output from work package 9.

Work package 8 is led by Professor Andrew Barron

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