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We are capturing and disseminating, in a series of digital stories, the promise and progress of the RICE project solutions as they unfold. Take a look at our range of useful video resources

Converting CO₂ and Algae into value added products through Biorefining

Introduction to Hydrogen & Oxygen Co-generation and Heat to Electricity

Heat, Hydrogen and their Efficient Use

Explained - Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions

Energy Safety Research Institute, Swansea University

Philip Cohen, BEIS UK Government discussing industry decarbonisation

Dr Filippos Proedrou discusses energy, climate change and geopolitics

Qatar Climate Conference 2019

Researchers asked the tricky question "Are we too late to tackle climate change?"

How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Work

Integrated Hydrogen Bioprocesses

Separation and Capture of CO₂

Can we convert CO₂ into a commercial product?

Dr Emily Preedy discusses the Algae Biorefinery

Youth climate change event - Cardiff 2020

Transcending Incrementalism Conference

Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh on psychology of climate change

Polytunnel Timelapse

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