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Rydym yn casglu ac yn lledaenu, mewn cyfres o straeon digidol, addewid a chynnydd prosiect REIS wrth iddynt ddatblygu. Cymerwch olwg ar ein hamrywiaeth o adnoddau fideo defnyddiol

Researchers at ESRI and USW are asked the tricky question "Are we too late to tackle climate change?

Philip Cohen, BEIS UK Government discussing industry decarbonisation

Dr Filippos Proedrou, Research Fellow at USW discusses energy, climate change and geopolitics

Energy Safety Research Institute, Swansea University

Heat, Hydrogen and their Efficient Use

Explained - Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions

A short introduction to Hydrogen & Oxygen Co-generation and Heat to Electricity

Converting CO₂ and Algae into value added products through Biorefining

Transcending Incrementalism Conference

Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh on psychology of climate change