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Papurau cyhoeddedig wedi'u cynhyrchu mewn perthynas â gweithgaredd RICE 

Mae'r cynnwys hwn i gyd yn saesneg

Ceramic Microfiltration Membranes in Wastewater Treatment: Filtration Behavior, Fouling and Prevention

Mohammed Wali Hakami, Abdullah Alkhudhiri, Sirhan Al-Batty, Myrto-Panagiota Zacharof , Jon Maddy and Nidal Hilal; Membranes 2020, published 22 September 2020


Electrogenic Biofilm Development Determines Charge Accumulation and Resistance to pH Perturbation

Iain S. Michie, Richard M. Dinsdale, Alan J. Guwy and Giuliano C. Premier; Energies Journal, 2020, 13(14), 3521


Optimizing the Design of an Alkaline Water Splitting Device Test cell for Renewable Energy Storage as Hydrogen

Adam Rearden, Stephen Mandale, Katherine Glover, Robert Phillips and Charles W. Dunnill. (2020); Archives of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2(1). DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3964220


Valorising nutrient-rich digestate: Dilution, settlement and membrane filtration processing for optimisation as a waste-based media for microalgal cultivation

FleurianeFernandesa, AllaSilkina, ClaudioFuentes-Grünewald, Eleanor E.Wood, Vanessa L.S.Ndovela, Darren L.Oatley-Radcliffe, Robert W.Lovitt, Carole A.Llewellyn; Waste Management Volume 118, December 2020, Pages 197-208


Fundamentals of Gas Diffusion Electrodes and Electrolysers for Carbon Dioxide Utilisation: Challenges and Opportunities

Sandra Hernandez-Aldave, Enrico Andreoli; Catalysts 2020, 26 June 2020

Thermoelectric Paper: Graphite Pencil Traces on Paper to Fabricate a Thermoelectric Generator

Rafiq Mulla, Daniel R. Jones, Charles W. Dunnill; Advanced Materials Technologies, 26 May 2020


You and CO2: a Public Engagement Study to Engage Secondary School Students with the Issue of Climate Change

Jennifer A. Rudd, Ruth Horry, R. Lyle Skains; Journal of Science Education and Technology volume 29, pages230–241(2020)


Simulation of integrated novel PSA/EHP/C process for high-pressure hydrogen recovery from Coke Oven Gas

S.C.J.Van Acht, C.Laycock, S.J.W.Carr, J.Maddy, A.J.Guwy, G.Lloyd, L.F.J.M.Raymakers; International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, May 2020

Assessing the effects of metal mining effluents on freshwater ecosystems using biofilm as an ecological indicator: Comparison between nanofiltration and nanofiltration with electrocoagulation treatment technologies

Lidia Vendrell-Puigmitja, Meritxell Abrila, Lorenzo Proia, Carmen Espinosa Angona, Marta Ricart, Darren L. Oatley-Radcliffe, Paul M.Williams, Mabrouk Zanain, Laia Llenas; Ecological Indicators, Volume 113, June 2020

Graphite-loaded cotton wool: A green route to highly-porous and solid graphite pellets for thermoelectric devices

Rafiq Mulla and Charles W. Dunnill; Composites Communications (Elsevier), 22 April 2020

CO2 Reduction to Propanol by Copper Foams: A Pre- and Post-Catalysis Study

Jennifer A. Rudd, Ewa Kazimierska, Louise B. Hamdy, Odin Bain, Sunyhik Ahn, Andrew R. Barron, Enrico Andreoli; Available to Access on Chem Rxiv, open access 24.03.2020

Recycling Carbon: An Outreach Activity Designed to Introduce the General Public to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

Jennifer A. Rudd, Michael E. A. Warwick ,Marco Taddei, Russell Wakeham; Available to Access on Chem Rxiv, open access 12.03.2020

An Optimised Compaction Process for Zr-Fumarate (MOF-801)

M Taddei, MK McPherson, A Gougsa, J Lam, J Sewell, E Andreoli, Inorganics, 2019, 7, 110. 

Carbon black reborn: Structure and chemistry for renewable energy harnessing

Saeed Khodabakhshia, Pasquale F.Fulviob, Enrico Andreoli; Science Direct June 2020

Nutrient recovery and fractionation of anaerobic digester effluents employing pilot scale membrane technology

M.-P. Zacharof, S.J. Mandale, D.Oatley-Radcliffe, R.W. Lovitt; Journal of Water Process Engineering,31,2019 

Powering the Hydrogen Economy from Waste Heat: A Review of Heat‐to‐Hydrogen Concepts

Mulla R., Dunnill C.W.,; ChemSusChem, 17 July 2019

Epoxy-cross-linked polyamine CO2 sorbents enhanced via hydrophobic functionalization.

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Synergic effect of Fe2O3/ultra-porous carbon composites for H2S adsorption at room temperature.

K. Ling, V. S. Gangoli, and A. R. Barron, Energy Fuels, 2019, 33, 7509-7521. Publication date: 23/6/2109.

Analysis of commercial glasses with emphasis on the tin side defects, structure connectivity and cracking behaviour.

C. M. Fernández-Posada and A. R. Barron, J. Non-Cryst. Solids., 2019, 518, 1-9. Accepted 5 May 2019, Available online 15 May 2019.

Solvent-free microwave-assisted synthesis of tenorite nanoparticle-decorated multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

J. A. Rudd, C. E. Gowenlock, V. Gomez, E. Kazimierska, A. M. Al-Enizi, E. Andreoli, A. R. Barron, J. Mater. Sci. Tech., 2019, 35, 1121-1127. Publication date: June 2019.

Biohythane as an energy feedstock for solid oxide fuel cells.

Veluswamy, G., Laycock, C., Shah, K., Ball, A., Guwy, A. & Dinsdale, R. 30 Aug 2019 (Accepted/In press) In: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

Testing the Waste Based Biorefinery Concept: Pilot Scale Cultivation of Microalgal Species on Spent Anaerobic Digestate Fluids

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Solvent free synthesis of carboxylate-alumoxane nanoparticles using mechanical shear.

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