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Carbon capture at ROCKWOOL

RICE has established a demonstration unit at the Bridgend plant of insulation producer ROCKWOOL.

The illustration below explains what we're doing at the demonstration site and the processes we're undertaking.

Carbon Capture and Usage (CCU) is the process of capturing CO2 to be recycled and is one of the technologies available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from industrial pollution through separating CO2 from other gases (N2, H2O, and others) present in flue gas.

WP1 is developing a cost-effective pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit for post-combustion CO2 capture from industrial plants. The pilot PSA unit will shortly be deployed at the ESRI Hub and will demonstrate CO2 separation from simulated flue or exhaust gases using standard adsorbents like zeolites or activated carbon etc. in four packed beds. In addition, the unit will have four bypass microreactors to test novel adsorbents in the range of a few grams as can be synthesised on laboratory scale. Below is a diagram of the PSA unit which is housed within a shipping container.

The PSA unit can continuously process 15 litres per minute of exhaust gas, and carbon emissions are reduced by separating CO2 from exhaust gas at an elevated pressure. The technology can be utilised in a range of industries including steel making, cement manufacturing industries, thermal power plants and the separated CO2 can be used as a raw material to create higher value hydrocarbons.


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