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RICE Eco Code Launched


As RICE works to implement new technologies to reduce industrial carbon emissions, we're ensuring the way we undertake our research isn't harmful to the environment.

RICE has produced an Eco-Code which clearly sets out how we will undertake our research in a way which will cause minimum negative impact on our environment.

The main themes of the code are:

  •         Waste Prevention
  •         Transport
  •         Energy
  •         Positive Procurement
  •         Biodiversity


Our stated aims are:

  •         We will prevent, reduce, repair, reuse and recycle to minimise waste wherever possible
  •         To only travel on project business when absolutely necessary and to source the most environmentally sustainable mode of transport available
  •         We will lower energy consumption in RICE offices, laboratories and testing facilities
  •         We will buy products and materials that do not harm the environment when they are made or used
  •         We will increase the biodiversity of our sites and their surroundings


The Eco Code can be viewed here

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