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Stanwell STEM Careers Day


In collaboration with Careers Wales, Stanwell School hosted a NHS Careers event in 2018 supported by ABM & Cardiff & Vale Health boards, Cardiff Uni & USW. Over a thousand of our pupils (Year 10 -13) and 150 pupils from other Vale & Bridgend schools visited the 18 career stands and 50-60 pupils attended each of the four specialist talks. 

This year, Stanwell decided to host a STEM careers event on a similar basis inviting other schools in South Wales to attend the morning sessions with our pupils in their respected year groups attending the afternoon sessions, between 250 -300 pupils at a time. 

Career Wales and See Science / STEM Ambassadors assisted in organising this year's event with the focus on highlighting the diverse career opportunities in STEM industries. Among the various organisations attending were The Royal Navy, Dow Chemicals, and Rolls Royce. Cardiff University and USW were also in attendance along with Swansea University. 

The RICE stand, made up of 3 individual demonstrations, talked the pupils through carbon recycling. This is being partially explored in Work Package 1 of the RICE project. The first part discussed the chemical reaction that takes place when a fossil fuel is combusted (methane and oxygen get converted into carbon dioxide and water).  

The second part of the display discussed capturing the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere using “scrubbers”. The display used a large sponge in order to showcase how carbon dioxide molecules could be “caught” by the scrubber and harvested for the third stage. 
That third stage demonstrated how carbon dioxide molecules could be converted back into a fuel source when combined with hydrogen and an enzyme. When this reaction occurs it produces methane and oxygen and thus, the energy burning process because cyclical and resulting in huge efficiency savings.  

It was a great pleasure to guide the pupils through this process and also enlightening to see how interested in climate change the vast majority were. 

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