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Swansea Science Festival


On the 26th and 27th October 2019, the RICE Project attended Swansea Science Festival at the National Waterfront Museum.

In partnership with the National Waterfront Museum, the festival kicked off with the Family Weekend which attracted over 9,000 visitors last year.

With over 40 exhibits and hundreds of interactive activities, the Family Weekend took visitors on a journey of discovery as researchers explore the depths of the sea, land, air and space.

The Organisers wrote on their website “With over 40 exhibits and hundreds of interactive activities along with sensational shows, talks & workshops and an abundance of hands-on science activities for all ages and levels of knowledge, you will experience science as never before!"

The RICE team participated during the “Family Weekend” section of the event in order to help raise awareness of STEM subjects for younger generations. It is estimated that over 10,000 people attended last year’s event with 92% of 16 year olds giving the event a “smiley face” rating. 
The RICE stand, made up of 3 individual demonstrations, talked the pupils through carbon recycling, which is being partially explored in Work Package 1 of the RICE project. The first part discussed the chemical reaction that takes place when a fossil fuel is combusted (methane and oxygen get converted into carbon dioxide and water).  

The second part of the display discussed capturing the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere using “scrubbers”. The display used a large sponge in order to showcase how carbon dioxide molecules could be “caught” by the scrubber and harvested for the third stage. 
That third stage demonstrated how carbon dioxide molecules could be converted back into a fuel source when combined with hydrogen and an enzyme. When this reaction occurs it produces methane and oxygen and thus, the energy burning process because cyclical and resulting in huge efficiency savings. 

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