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Collaboration for Carbon Capture – towards Net Zero and a Circular Economy


Starbons Limited is delighted to announce a technical collaboration with RICE (Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions) led by the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University.

The two organisations will work closely together to evaluate the capture of carbon dioxide (CO₂) produced from heavy industrial processes. The objective is to use the captured CO2 to innovatively make high value products and industrially important chemicals.

The collaboration is part of the £9.2m RICE project which has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and is aimed at the deployment of industrial scale demonstrations of new technology.

Starbon® materials have proven capability in the capture of CO2. Says Susan Brench, CEO of Starbons Limited

“Starbon® materials have been shown to possess superior CO2 adsorption properties when compared with activated carbon. Working with RICE we hope to be able to demonstrate efficacy at industrial scale. Contributing to the global Net Zero imperative is right at the top of Starbons’ agenda; this project aligns very well to our core values”.

Starbon® materials have been shown to outperform the CO2 absorption capacity of activated carbon by up to 50% (up to 65% at 10 bar). Furthermore, at laboratory scale Starbon® has exhibited much greater selectivity for CO2 adsorption than for nitrogen when compared to activated carbon. More information can be found here: Selective Adsorption and Recovery of CO2 | Starbons®.

“One of the key goals of the RICE project is to demonstrate the economic viability of decarbonization technology,” said Prof Barron, Director of ESRI and PI of the RICE project, “working with Starbons is a great step for us bringing in additional new technology to our Industrial Demonstrators.”



About Starbons

Starbons Limited is a privately owned green chemistry company with proprietary technology in the field of specialty separations. The business is based in York, UK and has strong links to the University of York’s Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence. Starbons provides its customers with tailored technical solutions using a technology platform based on biodegradable materials produced from renewable feedstocks. Website www.starbons.com

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